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About WaveAccess
WaveAccess is a global custom software development and IT consulting company, renowned for delivering software solutions for the travel and hospitality sector.
We take pride in having a global team of over 850 tech experts and offices located in the USA, the UK, Denmark, Germany, and other countries.
Since 2004, we’ve been a trusted technology partner of OTAs, reservation systems, B2B travel agencies, airport service providers, global travel retail platforms and metasearch platforms worldwide, including the US, the UK, and the UAE.
WaveAccess is well-versed in addressing diverse challenges in the travel industry, including:
  • Integrating APIs;
  • Migrating to the cloud;
  • Designing system architectures;
  • Migrating from legacy systems;
  • Crafting B2C platforms and mobile applications;
  • Implementing UI/UX designs;
  • Implementing data analytics, Data Science, AI, IoT, and AR.
Furthermore, we provide a unique opportunity for travel companies to build their own fully-customized technology-driven IT platform using our pre-built Hotel Booking Engine. It ideally suits the companies reliant on third-party technologies but looking to develop their own solution for greater flexibility and control over their operations. It can serve as a solution to replace parts of outdated or non-scalable existing systems.
As a part of our system, we offer a Hotel Extranet designed for inventory and pricing management in direct hotel contracts. It can be smoothly integrated into DMCs’ IT platforms to simplify the management and distribution of their hotel offerings.
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